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Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Is it worth the hype and money?

I think no...

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We spent 7 amazing weeks in Sri Lanka and crisscrossed the country by train, bus, tuktuk and taxi. Here is short video montage dedicated to our awesome time travelling through

Sri Lanka.

Hands down one of the most picturesque cities that I have seen in Mexico has to be Oaxaca, although San Cristobal de las Casas gives it a good run for its money, but let's focus on one thing at a time.

Oaxaca city is the capital of Oaxaca state. It is a vibrant, Spanish colonial inspired city that is riddled with gorgeous churches, grand architecture, cobble stone streets lined with mezcal infused bars. The inner city is rich in history, wide streets and courtyard cafes.

It's a photographer's wonderland with beautifully painted murals, church spires peeking over rooftops, tucked away courtyard restaurants and colourful houses lining cozy streets.

So, come with me on a tour of Oaxaca and why it should elevate itself on your Mexico bucket list.

Even the insides of many hotels are architectural masterpieces and a treat for the eyes.

While many of the walls are lined with cacti or agaves on the outside.

There are just so many opportunistic to get lost in this city and find some amazing places to photograph. It just has an abundance of photo opportunities.

The vivid colours are everywhere, from the walls to the flags flapping in the wind.

The murals in Oaxaca are truly amazing and you have to head to the district of Jalatlaco to find the best of them.

In the heart of the center you will find magnificent architecture and grand old churches that seem to be clawing at the Oaxacan skyline.

The bars, cafes and restaurants are not to be missed. The food is excellent, as is the Mezcal, a type of smoked tequila which is made from the local agave that is ubiquitous in this region.

Getting lost in the city and stumbling upon photographic gems will be your favourite pastime as old, decrepit buildings lend themselves to being picturesque.

Continue exploring the edges of the center and you will find many old VW beetles parked on cobble stone streets. It gives parts of Oaxaca a Cuban feel.

The churches are nothing but spectacular but sometimes it's the little things that draw my attention such as this vibrant red bike to complete this framing.