Tanah Lot.



One of those cool little things you never expect to really see or have. At one point or another most people have heard  of that weird cat/mongoose, wait civet, that gets fed coffee beans and then, well, poops it out only to be collected, brewed and sold. Odds are you probably saw it on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel while you were nursing a Sunday morning hangover.


Trudging through the souvenir stores in Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, we stumbled across one of these poop cafés.  Here, amidst the constant flow of tourists were four Luwaks. A type of civet, luwaks are kept as pets and fed ripe coffee cherries, the civet then digests the berries, undergoing some internal fermentation process that give the excreted coffee beans that special flavour. The beans are collected, washed, dried, skinned, sorted and eventually packaged to be sold. In our case we got to enjoy the freshest of beans. Can't you just taste the flavour! Actually in all honesty, the coffee is pretty damn good. Never mind that you save yourself $30 drinking it there and then. Kopi Luwak, or is the locals prefer to call it, Catpoocino, can go for $35 a cup and $50 a bag.


Kopi Luwak is actually quite common in Bali and shouldn't cost more than $5 at most.

So when in Bali...drink poop.

Here is a great website demonstrating and explaining the process; http://www.most-expensive.coffee/