The budget step-by-step guide to getting to Vientiane's Buddha Park



Don't be fooled by tuk tuk drivers or tours. Tuk tuk will charge you 200 000kip.

That's the equivalent of a 3 night stay in a private room with ensuite.

Don't go through tour buses either, they are cheaper but they'll still charge you 60 000kip.


Instead, walk to the local bus station. It's a 10 minute walk from the town centre.

Ask for the number 14 bus.

This is direct bus line that takes you to the Buddha Park.

There are always three numbers on the buses but it's the first 2 decimals that count. So 141, 143 or 145 are all line 14 buses, any of these will do.

The bus leaves every hour. Just jump and you'll pay along the way.

The ticket is 6 000pp one way.

It's the last stop and you can't miss the park.

The ride is quite scenic - I see it as a sightseeing tour of outer-Vientiane.

The ride will take about 40-60 minutes, it all depends on how many people get picked up along the way. The entrance Buddha Park is 5000kip, less than a dollar. It's 2000kip per camera, but we just hid ours in the bag until we got in. The buses leave periodically every 20 minutes or so.

Catch number 14 back, pay 6 000kip and there you go.


Money saved.